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Code name: 
Insane bots a
Board game

Insane Bots

Tools used: Indesgin, Photoshop, Tabletop Simulator(play testing)


I handled all forms of production for this project from design to art, the project is in its prototyping stage but was shelved due to viability concerns in the board game market.


You and up to three friends must command androids and work together to overcome a foe that is far stronger then any of you individually. To do this each player must build their androids offensive and defensive decks to overcome their common foe, cooperation is key in insane bots as many players skill cards will play off of each other and help lead the players to victory. To fight each turn players must take one movement card and one skill card to create a move for their turn from their available pool of cards. After each successful battle the players upgrade their equipment and load outs to increase their fighting capabilities. 

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