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Level Design in DND

Mega dungeon: A huge complex dungeon filled to the brim with traps, encounters and level based story telling. A dungeon designed for multiple parties to explore its depths at the same time, each potentially changing its contents forever

mining section full.webp

Mining cave: All operations has ceased in the cave due to an incident in which many miners have disappeared and the ones that are left are crazed and terrified of the caves. Now a group of adventurers must enter the mining caves and clear them of threats

puzzle overview.png

Puzzle Dungeon: A small three part dungeon with three themed puzzles that lock the only way out for the players.

A dungeon designed for a very early level party to explore and become familiarized with the core mechanics of the game

plant cave v2_edited.png

Plant Cave: Long vertical cave covered in lush plant life and various scatterings of ruins and at the very heart of the cave lies a terrifying discovery.

A linear mini dungeon designed to thematically foreshadow the boss at the end

Crystal Cave.webp

Living Crystals: Even deeper within the mining caves lies a small side cave lined with magical crystals although not all will go willingly.

A small side quest for adventurers to investigate with potential for magical rewards.

warehouse boss.png

Military Warehouse: After receiving info on a potential threat the adventurers arrive at a warehouse filled with civilians and eldritch horrors.

A level designed to force players to race against the clock to save civilian lives and finding the source of the eldritch threat before it grows too big in size to eliminate

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